Waarom kiezen voor de Algarve?

The Algarve is a great choice to spend your vacations and to visit, because it has a unique climate, and also it has a fantastic cultural and natural variety.

Strong Points:

- The Algarve climate is usually mild and tropical, which allows to cycle almost all the year, so is a destiny of choice to whom likes to practice this sport, or simply to those who enjoy to take tours on bikes.

- Existance of a rail road that connects Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António, which allows a economic and ecologic means of mobility in the Algarve with the possibility to take the bicycle, because it doesn't pay on trains.

-The portuguese gastronomy is well known for it's flavoured plates and the Algarve is no exception. Indulge yourself with the cuisine of the region.

- Portugal is apretty much safe country in comparison with many others, in terms of criminality and climate, so, it's a great option to those who like to go on vacations with no worries, and also to walk in the street in day or night.

- High quality roads in the Algarvian Hills and also with few movement, ideal for road cycling. Circuits available here. Megasport has three types of road bycicles that can be found here, and we have at your disposal several cycling tools, such as: automatic pedals of various models, cyclecomputers, helmets. Besides that, we have several other services, such as: Guides, Automobiles to assistency and to work as transfers, technical assistance and also selling of all the acessories and equipments for cycling.

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